SSCP Forum Week: Focus on: Mental Health - Working Together: Improving Children & Young People’s Mental Health

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Monday 13 June 2022 (14.00 - 15.30)

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Working Together: Improving Children & Young People’s Mental Health


In this first of our online forum sessions will explore what we learned following on from our last forum in December 2021 (Focus on Fathers) and how far we have come in involving men better in family life across Somerset, before moving on to introduce the topic for consideration for this forum (Focus on Mental Health) and how we support the emotional well-being and mental health of our children and young people.

As part of this we will be looking at national changes in relation to mental health, reflect on concerns raised relating to COVID19 restrictions on Children & Young People and consider the local picture in Somerset to begin to consider what is already in place, and what more we can do.


We’d also love you to join us at the other free online forum events taking place this week:


  • Tuesday 14th June – 10am – 12pm:          Supporting Mental Health: Now
  • Wednesday 15th – 10am - 12pm:              Understanding & Supporting CYP Mental Health (with live online theatre performance “Nothing Else” by Access27
  • Thursday 16th – 1.30-3.30pm:                   What We Think: CYP on Mental Health
  • Friday 17th 10-11.30am:                             Supporting Mental Health: Next

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